A Passion for Albariño

My first wine love will always be Bordeaux. It was my first wine country trip, and where I knew that wine was destined to be my life’s passion and even my career! Soon after though, my attention was drawn to Spain, and since then, Spanish wines are the ones I’ve
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Whisky Barrels

How Much Does Cask Matter?

Main Flavours There are two main types of casks for maturing Scotch whisky. Ex-Bourbon casks, which make up around 90% of maturation casks in Scotland; and ex-Sherry casks, which make up around 7%. These two casks give very big differences in flavour. Ex Bourbon casks tend to give sweeter flavours
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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Let’s face it; some things are just better with time. More importantly, they get better with the perfect amount of time. This is undoubtedly true with curating an ideal wine cellar, but it’s imperative when creating a perfect Armagnac. Armagnac is a French Brandy from the Gascony region. It’s produced
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Well, Well, Weller

I was recently invited to a dinner featuring a full vertical of Weller Bourbon, undeniably one of the most sought-after products from the Buffalo Trace distillery. Weller is a wheated Bourbon, sometimes referred to as a wheater. For most Bourbons, the majority grain in the mash bill is corn (by
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Blair Athol Distillery

Blair Anthol Distillery

Blair Athol is one of the most visited distilleries in Scotland. The reason for this is its location. Situated less than a minute off the A9 road, the main route to Speyside and the Highlands, it’s an obvious stop-off for tourists and whisky fans alike. However, if you don’t happen
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